Research and development

The Institute was founded in 1990 and since this year it has been serving the health care of Somogy and the neighbouring counties. The diagnostic and radiation oncological clinical work means a major activity of the Institute, but our medical and research staff participates also in university educations and PhD programs and in multidisciplinar research activities.

The multidisciplinar activity is covering the field of agricultural, veterinary medical, human medical, technological, chemical, mathematical, physical and geological research in collaboration with many inland- and overseas partners.

To these days we have reached more then 65.000 examinations in 33 animal species. The Institute joints the involvement in a strength collaboration with University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science in hungarian and international animal breeding studies and also provide different service activities for animal breeding companies. The definement of in vivo body composition imaging studies for animal breeding selection was carried out on pigs, sheeps, rabbits and gooseys.

Besides the animal breeding research activity we have the possibility to use the high-tech diagnostical and therapeutical equipment also in human medical and veterinary research. In the human field we test newly developed stents, catheters, medicines by invasive and non-invasive methods using animal model studies and develop angiologic and orthopaedic surgical methods, procedures. In the veterinary field -besides the diagnostic imaging- the major activity is the modelling of different pathogenesis and their follow-up.

In the frame of geological studies, we search for natural gas and crude oil in ground samples using CT scanners.

Nowadays and in the future our main activity is the modelling of acute myocardial infarction by coronaria occlusion using an invasive cardiovascular catheterization technology. The aim of these studies is to improve and develop new therapeutical methods for cardiomyopathy.

The research works are carried out by high-qualified staff members: PhD researchers, veterinary doctors, doctors, agicultural and computer engineers, physicists, assistants.

The main scientific activity of the Institute

  • Animal breeding science

  • Animal model studies in human medicine

  • Angiography and interventional radiology

  • Geological studies

  • Small animal diagnostic imaging